Imagine being an apple. The reddest, ripest apple but once bitten, you turn out rotten and wormy! Okay, I didn’t mean to freak you out but the point I’m trying to make is that just like how beauty isn’t skin deep, the glow that reflects on your cheeks also isn’t a thing of the surface. It comes from within. You keep your inner parts happy and they reciprocate, rewarding you with clear skin, healthy temperament and an appeal that no miracle cream can lend!

Now I don’t really have a 9-5 job or kids to run after, but my life is still somewhat hectic. Whatever it is that I do, it does not include taking care of my body or face.  The result – tired and uneven skin that cannot make up its mind whether to be oily or dry. Add to that puffy red eyes (because I don’t even have a regular sleep pattern) and an occasional sighting of zits that leave marks as unforgettable as Neil Armstrong’s footprints on moon!

What have I tried?
Everything pretty much from awesome creams and lotions to home remedies inherited from grandparents. Make up is what I use as a fall back option to create the fine skin illusion and to enhance my features

Has it worked?
Sometimes some things have while others haven’t and some things more than some others. (Makeup definitely works :p)

What have I learnt?
  • Unfortunately in this area there is no gain without pain, unless of course you were born with absolutely flawless skin
  • There is no miracle cream or solution that once applied will do wonders. It’s a combination of things – what you eat, your surroundings, your metabolism, digestion and hormones, mental health and then what you apply on the surface that counts. (And hence ‘Pretty is as pretty does’!)
  • We all know pretty much what’s good and what’s not but let’s face it, it’s all not practically possible, is it?  Besides there are a gazillion products available in the market and so many different routines that one can follow. It’s impossible to get it all right! (Did you know that the traditional Japanese women used 11 steps in their morning and evening skin care routines and it only took them all of 10 minutes to do it?!)

What will I do?
  • Document my experience with different makeup/skin/health or even soul care products/routines
  • Share the routines I follow along with some routines of my close friends and family members that seem to be working
  • Share tried and tested home remedies
  • Personal experiences from various diets, fads and health regimes

What I will definitely not do?
  • Work towards a ‘fairer’ skin or review products from that perspective
  • Affiliate to a particular brand or product. Opinions shared are honest and based on personal experiences

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