Friday, April 26, 2013

Primer 101: Find the perfect Primer!

Now that we know what Primers are and what they do, its time to find one that's good for you. Primers can be a bit expensive so finding one that suits you and the one that would help you target certain specific problems is the only way its going to be worth the money that you spend on it. 

What type of Primers to buy?
Since they are going to be on your skin for long hours sometimes, it is always good to look for Primers that have some skin care benefits. It is obviously an added expense so its best to look for one that suits your skin and can be worn in place of a moisturiser. 

All purpose ones

Ive put a collage of some of the popular all purpose Primers available in India. These are the ones that suit everyone and make for good general use..  

1. MAC Skin Base Visage, 2. Colorbar Perfect Match, 4 NYX HD Primer, 5. Revlon Photoready, 6. Loreal Base Magique, 7. Makeup Forever HD, 8. Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

Tinted Primers

Dont worry, there is nothing complicated about these. Just think of them as normal primers with a color coded mission. The different colors target different issues in the complexion like redness, dullness, add luminosity and radiance and recharge the skin.  

1. Makeup Forever HD Mocro Perfecting Primers, 2. MAC Prep + Prime Fortified Skin  Enhancers, 3. NYX Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer

To cover and soften fine lines and wrinkles
There is only one such that is formulated specifically for fine lines and wrinkles and thats available in India. It is MAC Prep + Prime Line Filler. It softens and relaxes the expression lines and dries to a matte finish. 
We really need more companies in India selling a product specifically for this.

To cover the appearance of Pores
These primers instantly reduce the appearance of open pores and even out the skin for a smoother makeup application. 
1. Clinique Refining Solutions Instant Perfector, 2. MAC Skin Refined Zone Treatment, Benefit Porefessional

Primers for Eyes
There are primers specifically for the eyes. They ensure that you get a higher intensity from your eyeshadow and it stays in place all day. Eye primers also make sure that your eye shadow doesnt crease or stray.  
1 MAC Vibrancy, 2. Revlon Photoready, 3. BeYu, 4, NYX Eye Shadow Base, 5. Makeup Forever Eye Prime, 6. Inglot Eye Makeup Base

Lip Primers
The Lip Primers keep your lips from chapping and make the lipstick last longer. And again MAC is the only one that comes to mind thats available in India.. 

Now like I said before, Primers can be expensive and are an extra expenditure so hope this post helps you select the one that suits you best! 

Prime Time! All you need to know about Primers

Are you thinking "Primers.. now what on earth are they? until recently no one knew about them n now everyone seems to be talking about them!" If that is what is going on in your mind, worry not! Just read this post and you will know all that you need to about Primers, what they do, what is the difference between a primer and a moisturiser and whether or not you need one!

What is a Primer?
Primer is a sort of cream or lotion that 'primes' or gets the skin ready for makeup. There are primers available for you face (to be used under foundation), for your eyes (to be used under eye-shadow) and for the lips (underneath lipstick)

What do they do?
They prepare the skin for makeup by hydrating it and making the surface even to improve the coverage of makeup and to increase the staying power of makeup. They form an ideal base coat beneath foundations or eye shadows helping them spread more evenly. Some primers have defined purposes and target specific areas like open pores and help reduce them visibly, cover fine lines, while the others could be used specifically for reducing redness, dullness or for illuminating lifeless skin. Some primers have a mattifying effect on your skin that is excellent for women with oily skin. 

What is the difference between a moisturizer and a primer?
Moisturisers are what we have always used under makeup for ages.. But now that we have primers formulated to do specific tasks (like covering pores etc) we use them especially as they are more effective in increasing the longevity of makeup. 

I know a lot of people who use moisturizers and then a primer on top before applying makeup. Now that is something I would recommend only if you have extremely dry skin. For everyone else, I suggest that using a primer alone is good enough as sometimes putting on a moisturizer and then a primer and then makeup on top can become a bit too much especially in the summers and if you have oily skin..

When to use a Primer?
Is it a must all the time? No. It isn't a must that you use a Primer all the time beneath makeup. It can be really helpful to use primers on days that you need your makeup to stay on for long and if you have certain things that you want to correct in your skin. On regular days it is fine to just use a moisturiser under makeup. It is great to know what needs to be corrected on your skin and then getting a primer that resolves that issue. That would make it easier for you to decide whether to buy an all purpose primer or one that focuses on a specific function like refining fine lines, absorbing oil, illuminating skin or even reducing pores. 

Hope this post helps you in solving some Primer mysteries that you might have had in your mind. Read my post Primer 101: Find the Perfect Primer that will help you buy the perfect Primer for yourself!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New In Stores: MAC Archies Girl's Collection!

I normally get the most random dreams but last night was serious. I dreamt that I was in a MAC store checking out the new Archies Girl's Collection and suddenly they announced a flat 50% off on all the products! Now that's something we can only dream about.. :( but atleast we can check out the collection thats in stores now! and needless to say I cannot wait!

Now whether you're more like Betty the girl next door or the glam babe Veronica, you can take your pick from the awesome collection that has different shades to suit both the girls. 
Here are some of the products and their prices:-

Betty Lipsticks Rs 1100 each
Girl Next Door
Betty Bright
Oh Oh Oh

Veronica Lipsticks Rs 1100 each
Daddy's Little Girl
Ronnie Red
Boyfriend Stealer

Betty Lipglass Rs 1100 each
Summer Sweetheart
Stay Sweet
Kiss and Dont Tell

Veronica Lipglass Rs 1100 each
Mall Madness
Straberry Malt
Feelin So good

Betty Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner Rs 1100 each
Lord it Up
Black Swan

Opulash Mascara Optimum Black Rs 1200

Vernonica Peralglide Intense Eyeliner Rs 1100 each
Petrol Blue
Designer Purple

Opulash Mascara Bad Bad Black Rs 1200

Betty Pigments Rs 1500 each
Cheers My Dear
Lucky In Love

Veronica Pigments Rs 1500 each
Black Poodle
Magic Spells

Betty Nail Lacquer Rs 1050 each
Pep Pep Pep
Cosmic Cute

Veronica Nail Lacquer Rs 1050 each
Past Curfew
Double Trouble

Betty Powder Blush Cream Soda Rs 1600

Veronica Powder Blush Prom Princess Rs 1600

Betty Pearlmatte Face Powder Flatter Me Rs 1750

Veronica Pearlmatte Face Powder Veronica's Blush Rs 1750

Betty Eyeshadow Palette Caramal Sundae X4 Rs 2800
Caramel Sundae
Cheryl Chic
Dream Maker
Show Stopper

Veronica Eyeshadow Palette Spoiled Rich X4 Rs 2800 
Spoiled Rich
Ron Ron Run
Pin-up Purple

Archies Girl's Brush Kit Rs 3850

I certainly like the Veronica colors better and cant wait to try them on along with the themed accessories from the collection.. who do you wanna be?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Bad Beauty Habits You Must Break

We all have some of these terrible habits that we're not proud of.. these habits have been a part of our beauty rituals for ages and some of these we are even aware of and are outright destructive but never really give up.. Lets take a minute to review some of the most common ones, because maybe, just maybe, there's a chance that kicking these bad beauty habits will make us more beautiful in the long run :)

1. Skipping Sunscreen in winters or when its not too sunny outside or when we're in such a hurry! All the smart girls know by now that even when its not too sunny, the UVA rays of the sun that penetrate through the clouds, cause our skin to age. So promise never to step out of he house until you have covered all your exposed skin with a trusted sun screen!

2. Biting lips consciously or unconsciously because your lips are always chapped and split. Regularly licking or biting lips can make them even drier than they originally are.  good way to break this vicious cycle is to keep your lips hydrated. (I personally do this a lot!) and feel that applying plain Vaseline to my lips before sleeping at night really helps. I wake up with smooth lips. Also, I never leave the house without a lip balm.

3. Not removing makeup before going to bed is a bad bad thing to do! Please clean your face and remove any traces of makeup before sleeping no matter how tired you are. Makeup along with dirt and oil, clogs pores and sends your skin into an over production of 'sebum' (not a good thing this is), giving you unpleasant surprises filled with zits the next morning. I understand how hard it can be on some days so if going to wash your face is looking impossible, just keep some wipes by your bedside table to remove that daily grime and wake up to a clean and fresh face!

4. Using moisturizer only when skin feels dry is wrong. They not only hydrate your skin but replenish lost moisture and help your skin face harsh whether. So no matter what skin type you have, find yourself one that suits you!

5. Ignoring your neck is not fair, especially as the skin on your neck is more delicate than your face and can start sagging or develop fine lines if neglected! So while applying makeup, creams or face mask, don't forget the neck. 

6. Plucking grey hair is hard not to do (ask me!) specially when you have the one of two shiny silver strands right above your forehead! The truth is that they are going to grow right back only short and stubby and even more noticeable :(

7. Holding on to makeup forever is something that I have seen many people do. I understand that it would hurt a lot to throw out that super expensive cream or mascara that has been in your kitty forever but skin infections or conjunctivitis is not worth it! 

IMP NOTE: Shelf life of various makeup items
Lipsticks, glosses and lip liners - up to 2 years
Mascara - ideally 90 days + or - one month
Eye shadows and eye liners - 4-5 years
Creams and cleansers - 1 year
Foundations and concealers - 1 year

8. Excessive exfoliation can lead to oversensitive skin and even broken capillaries (ouch!). Always use gentle exfoliators to wash away dead skin and to give your face that beautiful glow.

9. Picking on pimples or popping zits is something we all know is not right! One moment of relief that popping them gives you can lead to a huge red spot on your face and develop craters on your skin that might last forever!

10. Using acetone instead of nail paint removers is really harmful for the nails. I have noticed how some salons use it sneakily during a pani-pedi. Nail polish removers sold by most cosmetic companies are a lot milder than acetone available at drug stores that can lead the surface of your nails to become yellow and rough. 

So there! Ive given us all something to think about and hopefully we will break some of these habits and come out sashaying all swan like! (hahah)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marks & Spencer Floral collection Rose Roll on Review

Author: Divya Sarin

Roll ons are the must haves in summers. They not only refresh us but also prevent sweating. Little goes a long way :). I’m someone who is an ardent collector of perfumes and toiletries and I will be reviewing some of my perfumes very soon, coming back to the Marks and Spencer Floral Collection Rose Roll on. I normally used Fa till last season but this time when I was at a mall looking for clothes at Marks & Spencer, I saw these little pretty things in the toiletries section and when I opened it to smell it I was pleasantly surprised with the fragrance of Roses. I tried a few others, they were good too, but this was the best, so of course needless to say, I had to pick it up. To my surprise, it was quite reasonably priced

Price: Rs199 for 50ml
What the product claims: With the fragrance of timeless English Rose, this alcohol free anti perspirant roll on is specially formulated to reduce stinging.

My experience with Floral collection Rose Roll On
It comes in a plastic bottle with a white body. The product is transparent in colour and doesn’t leave any white film when used multiple times. The bottle is small in size and is travel friendly. I find the smell super floral yet subtle and it stays for the whole day, especially in Delhi hot summers, this is a good product and I am satisfied especially at this price and the quality of the product. Now let’s sum up the pros and cons.

Things I like:-
  • Reasonably priced
  • Strong floral smell (which I like)
  • Stays 8 to 10 hrs easily
  • Dries easily

None, overall a good product

Rating: 4.5 on 5
Available at: Marks & Spencer Stores across the country
Would I repurchase/ recommend this?
Yes I would repurchase this, however now will look at buying new variants of the same range.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fab India Silk Protein Nourishing Cream Review

Author: Divya Sarin

Hi, beautiful ladies, this is my 1st review ever on any website and I have no idea as to why didn’t I review any products before. I have always had struggle with daily face cream, kept trying one after another but never got satisfied. I wasted so much money and products in finding the ideal one until one day I found this wonder product at such a reasonable price... I was at Fab India to buy my hair products, I specially like avocado hair conditioner and then I saw this sitting prettily at the glass shelf. I checked the ingredients and immediately bought it.

Price: Rs 150 for 50 gm
Shelf Life: 2 years.

Fab India Silk Protein Nourishing Cream

Fab India Silk protein nourishing cream comes in a white and maroon jar and is quite handy and lightweight. This cream is white in color. It has a nice, mild floral fragrance to it. A small amount of product is required for the entire face. I carry this cream daily to office as its very light and easy to carry. It doesn’t make my skin oily or greasy, nor does it break me out. It only makes my skin better by adding suppleness to the skin. Formulated with Sunflower oil, Olive oil, vitamin E and Sericin - a silk protein, this cream is ideal for nourishing dry, dull, lifeless skin. Regular application leaves the skin soft and smooth. Ideal for summers and winters but of course it doesn’t fight the blemishes and acne marks on your skin but combats dryness.

Things I like:-
Reasonably priced
Makes my skin healthy and supple
Blends very well into skin
Doesn’t make my face oily or greasy
Ideal for summers and winters too
Combats dryness
Doesn’t break me out


Apart from this, I can’t think of anything!!

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Fab India, Silk protein Nourishing Day Cream?
Yes, for sure, I feel that my search for a good day cream has ended after I discovered it.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Home Remedy for Glowing Skin - One that I swear by!

My combination - oily skin (combination in winters and oily in summers) does not like facials :( 
Every time ive got one, I've had pimples the very next day! And believe me there is not even a single type that I havnt tried that was recommended by the salon people.. all those Kasmara, Oxy, fruit, herbal, kaya and what not have been a complete waste of time and money for me. Even the most sensitive ones have done more damage than good :'(. I could go on venting about this topic but I'd rather get on to what works for me instead. Its simple and home made and the best part is that it works! 


  • Besan (Gram flour. It has skin lightening properties that gently remove the tan and is great for skin that is prone to acne) - 2 spoons 
  • Haldi (Turmeric. It is a herbal antiseptic and combined with besan gives a glow) - 1 pinch
  • Juice of 1 lemon (Lemon is a natural antioxidant and a bleaching agent and lightens the dark spots)
  • Grated orange peel (It is a high source of Vitamin C and maintains the natural balance of skin oils. It absorbs excess oil and keeps the skin tight)
  • Curd - 1 spoon (Curd has soothing properties that help ease any skin irritation by cooling the skin)
  • Honey - 1 spoon (It contains Vitamins B & C and keeps the skin supple, hydrated and elastic. Regular use protects the skin against dryness and wrinkles)
Mix all these ingredients together and you have a gentle scrub and mask that you can use as frequently as possible. The quantity of the mask that comes out of all these put together is good enough to last a whole week. So I just put it in a bowl, cover it with cling film and store it in the fridge after using.

For girls who have extremely oily skin should put only have a tea spoon of honey. 

Expect a slightly thick consistency which you can lighten by adding a bit of rose water if you like. 

Apply this pack all over your face and neck and leave it on for 20 mins. Wash it off once its dry and follow it with a moisturiser. 

Every single time I use this, I feel like my skin has become softer, clearer and it glows! As if Ive just got a facial done! I love this pack and on regular use (2-3 times a week), I feel like my the dark spots on my face left behind by ungodly pimples have become lighter.. 

I love the subtle glow on my skin that I get after using this mask and I would recommend this to everyone. Just try and you will be hooked to it just like me! 

Bridal Lehengas Designs

You are reading this post either because your wedding date has been fixed and you need to find that perfect Lehenga. OR you are a girl wants to keep an eye out to find her exquisite bridal lehenga for her dream wedding.. Either way, Ive put together a  bunch of pics of some Lehegas I love!

Below are classic designs with detailed embroidery suited best for girls looking for a heavy lehenga
The ones on the left are by JJ Valaya and the two on the right are Tarun Tahiliani desins
And if you prefer some flounce, the ones below are for you! I love this one below, an anarkali style lehenga by Suneet Verma. It creates such an amazing volume that would make any bride stand out!
Suneet Verma Anarkali Style Lehenga

Below left is a classic Ritu Kumar design and the two on the right are from Pallavi Jaikishan

And how can any post on Lehengas be complete without any mention of Sabyasachi Mukherjee! Below is a pic that I found online of a girl wearing Sabyasachi for her wedding. 

I will keep adding more pics to this post to create a a good base of designs that we can all check out..

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My 2 Top Foundations - Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and MAC Matchmaster

I'm not a daily user of foundations but when I do use them, I have different needs on different days. Sometimes I want the coverage to be sheer and other times, I want a more solid one depending upon the occasion and if I would be wearing it in the day or evening. After tons of research, testing and trying two foundations make it to my list of favourites! They are Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and MAC Mactchmaster. Lets look at each of these and see what makes them my top 2!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua - Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup: Price Rs 2600 for 30ml
Available at Chanel Store, Imperial Hotel, New Delhi (This unfortunately is the only store Chanel has in entire Delhi NCR :( but I hear that one more is opening soon in Select City Walk. Chennai too got a new Chanel Store recently. Check HERE Chanel store locator for all the cities in India)

I picked shade 40 Beige as it went really well with my skin. As the name suggests it actually is an 'Ultra light skin perfecting' makeup. The consistency is light and smooth and just disappears into the skin, making it look like your own skin but better! It has a sheer coverage so its excellent for the day time and leaves me with a fresh dewy finish on my skin. It comes with SPF 15 and photographs really well. This is why I absolutely love this foundation. The only negative is the price but believe me a little bit of product goes a long way so a bottle would last you 8-12 months! Its ideal for girls who have mostly normal, even skins with little to cover as it doesnt provide much coverage.

MAC Matchmaster Foundation: Price Rs 2300 for 35 ml
Available at all MAC stores across India (Check HERE for Store Locations)

I'm a shade 4 in MAC Match master. Now this is semi matt finish foundation with medium coverage which is biuldable. I use it mostly while going out in the evenings. This too blends very well with the skin without looking cakey or ashy. Its perfect for girls with combination to oily skins as it reduces shine and remains fresh for a very long time. Again its a bit expensive but will last really long. The benefits clearly outweigh the negatives. I would always recommend investing in a good foundation as it can really make or break your entire look.
Below are some swatches from both the foundations. Hope you found this useful!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Blended

MAC Matchmaster

MAC Matchmaster blended
Im sorry the pics with the foundations blended havent come out so well (trust me I tried hard) but they blend really well with the skin so with both the foundations your skin just looks better :)

Wondering what to wear to a friend's wedding?? - Sarees we love!

Whether you're attending a friend's wedding or a cousin's, there is no other outfit that can create a splash like the sarees above. Perfect for the summers, the colors and glitters just brighten you up and get you all set for the festivities.. :) The above sarees are from the Manish Malhotra collection that I just somehow want to own!
Some of the other Saarees that are:-

Minin Mathur is wearing a traditional silk saree, Mandira Bedi is in saree by Raw Mango and Chitrangada is wearing Anand Kabra
Is it just me or yellow really does look sizzling hot?!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 Tips for Flawless Foundation

10 Tips for flawless foundation
  1. Foundations are supposed to even out the skin on your face and neck and not be used as a mask to completely change your skin colour or texture. After applying foundation, if you still feel that there are blemishes you need to cover, use a concealer!
  2. Please and I say pretty please don’t aim to change the colour if your skin with foundation.            
  3. Cover most of the exposed area of your body with foundation and not just face and neck. If you’re wearing a backless dress or a strapless top, then just try and rub a little on those areas otherwise those areas can look very different.
  4. Always look for the foundation colour in daylight
  5. Formulation is as important as colour! A foundation that looks great on your best friend might not do the trick with you.
  6. Be a smart shopper. I know how sometimes the SAs at stores here can really push a product. But be sure before you buy something n don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask to try out a foundation on yourself before buying it. Remember, you are the customer with the cash!
  7. Take care of your skin. Foundation will only even it out, however for that flawless skin, you must take care of it.
  8. Apply a little bit of foundation at a time even if you want full coverage. Applying in layers helps you understand how much of it you want and this way the foundation lasts longer!
  9. There is no set rule about this but I normally use concealer after applying foundation only on areas that need a bit of extra concealing. This helps me in applying just the right amount of product and not overloading my face with them.
  10. Again no set rule about this – even though foundation can be applied with fingers, a brush or sponge, I prefer using a brush and recommend the same to all, especially the ones using medium to full coverage foundations. Sponges for me are a no no! They tend to absorb a lot of product and I feel are just an added expense as when you use one you have to just throw it away. (You cant possibly keep washing and reusing these.) Brushes help with an even application that isn’t too messy. Tinted moisturizers, BB Creams or very light coverage foundations can be applied with fingers alone.

Hope this helps! Please write to me if you have any questions and check out my detailed post on on Faoundations HERE.  Also coming up: a post on My favourite foundations!

Foundation 101 - How to choose the right Foundation

Different types of Foundations

Foundation is one of those make up products that has created quite some confusion amongst us. Just like a lot of girls I know, it is something I don’t use everyday but most women I come across are confused about various aspects of foundations. Whether or not to use it, the type of foundation to use, what are the good brands in the market are just some of the mysteries that have been eluding us for a while. The common concern among all is that no one wants to look too made-up, cakey or obvious after using foundations and so most of the women get them wrong or just simply avoid them. In this post I’m going to try and demystify some of these theories and hope that it will answer some of the key questions that we have so that finally we can to a happy agreement about foundations and make the right decisions!

Who needs foundation?
I feel most of the women in their late 20’s require foundation be it light of full coverage. Even if we have good skin, as we age our skin’s ability to look even or radiant reduces. Depending upon the state of our skin, some women might require it every day but mostly we require them on important days when we might get photographed or need to look our best! On a daily basis though I for e.g. just use a tinted moisturizer but on important days I feel I need something that will even out my skin texture and bring about a clean face on which I can apply the rest of my make up.

How to choose the right foundation?

Formulation and texture - As important as it is to match the shade of foundation with your skin, you MUST match it with the type of skin you have. There are different types of foundations in the market for this exact reason: liquid, powder and cream, matt or dewy finish. So the formulation and the texture of the foundation are the 1st thing that you must choose according to your skin type. Good news is that whether you have normal, combination, dry or oily skin, there is a foundation for everyone!

Combination and Oily Skin – Compact powders or Matt foundations like Lancome Tient Idole, Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup, Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation, Revlon Colorstay Foundation, MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural
Dry Skin – Dewey finish foundations like Chanel Vitalumiere, Lancome Tient Miracle, Mac Face and Body  

Type of coverage - The second thing to consider is the type of coverage you need. Light, medium or full depending upon how much you want to cover on your face. I cannot stress enough on the importance of the above two points. I know its important to get the right shade but believe me getting the above two points is equally or even more important. Keeping these points in mind will help you in getting a foundation that not only blends very well in your skin but also stays on for the longest time! Remember these points and your foundation will never look cakey, too shiny or too obvious!

Light coverage – Mac Face and Body, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Lancome Tient Miracle
Medium to full coverage – Mac Matchmaster,

The shade –Once you have figured out the type of foundation and coverage you need you are ready to go shopping! Keep a small compact mirror in your bag when you go foundation shopping. It will be extremely helpful in getting the right shade. I feel its best way to pick the right shade is to go to a store and ask them to apply it on half of your face. Give it about 5 minutes to set and step out of the store in natural daylight. Now check your face in the compact mirror outside and see if it really matches. Natural light is the best light to check your makeup in and even if you like a shade indoors, outside, you will really know if it is right for you.            

I hope this post answers some of your questions about foundations and helps you understand how to make them work for you. Check out my post on Tips for flawless foundation and coming soon a post on My Favourite Foundations!  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back to the Basics: Comparison between Liquid Black Eye Liners by Lakme, Chambor, Loreal and Colorbar

Liquid Eye Liner Comparison

I dont know what my life would be with eye liner.. I mean seriously what will I ever do without some definition or detailing. Just like so many other girls I know, for me too, eyeliners along with kajals are absolute everyday essentials.. I prefer not to ever step out of the house without having them on. I have tried and tested so many over time but the ones reviewed here were my latest buys and read on below to know how they fare! 

Chambor Smooth on Eye Liner
Lakme Insta Liner
Colorbar Water-proof
Lakme Black Impact
Loreal Super Liner, Carbon Gloss
Very Black
Chalky black 
Not intense 
Felt tip
Felt tip 
Ease of use
 Very easy
It claims it is but trust me its not! 
Time it takes to dry
 30 secs
2 mins 
60 secs 
2 mins 
Under 60 secs 
Staying power
Price in Rs
Will I buy again?
 Yes - Only as a back up
Yes - Again only as a back up


I have been using eye liners for a very long time now so personally prefer the ones with brush applicators but dont mind using the felt tip ones either as long as the tips are precise and they have a long staying power. 

Chambor is a clear winner for me! A deep dark black eyeliner that stays solid hour after hour and lasts the whole day and half the night! Its perfect even for the summer months and wont come off despite any heat, humidity or tears! The only way you can get it off is with a proper makeup remover. 

Lakme Insta Liner and  Black Impact have always been and probably will remain my back up. They do the job but need retouching often, especially during the summers. I like the length of the the brush that comes with Lakme Black Impact. They both take forever to dry which is not something I love.

Colorbar is good but I just dont like its felt tip applicator. Its not precise enough for me and thats the only reason why I wouldnt buy it again.

There is nothing super about Loreal Super Liner. The color isnt good enough and the felt tip applicator isnt very steady which make it difficult to use. It comes off easily and the price at which it comes, it has been one of the most disappointing eye liners ever. 

Hope this helps in the search of the perfect basic black liquid eyeliner!