Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Favourite Colorbar True Gloss Lip Gloss Shades

Colorbar True Gloss Lip Gloss Range

Now I have to give it to Colorbar for they have come up with a great over all range of lip gloss shades with their True Gloss Lip Gloss collection.  I love the shine of a lip gloss but for anything in the evening Ive gone back to my trusted lipsticks for they really stay for a long time and usually a normal lip gloss can never match the color intensity of lipsticks.. But we get a best of both the worlds with Colorbar True Gloss! They are a lipstick and a lip gloss rolled into one! The full range has 10 shades and below are my favourites:-

  • Nectar Orange
  • Coral Craving
  • Radiant Pink 

As you can tell, Nector Orange is similar to Coral Craving. In fact I would call Nector Orange the brighter and more intense cousin of Coral Craving. Both Look fabulous!

The pop of color that they bring to your face makes it look very fresh and summary! Normally in the day time when I wear them and I feel that they're a bit too bright, I just dab them a bit with a tissue and they look perfect! 
The best part is that they stay on for a very long about 8-9 hours easily, without causing any patchy dryness. A must buy for everyone who likes bright colors and would love to bring a bit 
Im wearing Coral Craving in the pic below.. 
Things I like:-
It is a lipstick and a gloss rolled into one
Keeps my lips hydrated. Not dry and not even wayyy to glossy
Love the shades and their color intensity
Very good staying power
Do not bleed outside the lips

Nothing actually! 

Rating - 5/5
Price - 495
Available at - All newu stores and colorbar counters across the country. Check for more info.

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