Saturday, April 6, 2013

Makeup Tips for the Summer Months Ahead

Summers can give a real hard time to the skin and specially to makeup in the day time. Im talking about that sweaty, oily, uneasy feel you get when you've got make up on and you're out and about in the sun. Here are a few tips to let your skin breathe easy and to look good in the summer sun!

  • Keep your skin hydraded with a good moisturizer with SPF
  • Instead of foundations, try a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream. They are great for the day time as they provide a light veil of protection from the sun and cover any uneven spots on the face. (I personally like the Garnier BB cream)
  • Go with nude gloss on your lips or just a lip balm. (i love the Nivea fruity shine ones. They feel good on the lips and the light tint of color in them makes it perfect for the day!)
  • Try blushes in peachy shades to bring out a splash or brightness in your face
  • Keep your hair tamed and tied in a stylish updo or a girly side braid
  • And last but not the least.. Smile! Coz what Audrey Hepburn said is true "Happy girls are the pretties girls! :)

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