Friday, April 5, 2013

MAC Strobe Liquid Review

MAC Strobe Liquid Review

I bought MAC Strobe Liquid a while ago as a part of my quest for finding the perfect highlighters for the face. The SA told me that they have the same product in cream form as well but since since I have a combination to oily skin, the liquid one would be best for me.

MAC Clains – Blending soft focus diffusers with iridescent pigments, this ultra-fluid strobe formula produces a soft radiant light on the skin, reducing the appearance of skin imperfections by providing a natural looking glow. Spreads on smoothly and absorbs quickly leaving the skin looking healthier and more radiant. It is a lighter weight addition to the popular strobe cream.

Directions – Use a pea size amount either mixed with the foundation. You can also apply it only on areas of your face that you want to highlight.

My experience

The stobe liquid is a non oily product that I have used in the following ways:-
  • Mixed with the foundation and applied all over the face
  • On certain areas of your face, on top of foundation
  • Without foundation, to just highlight certain areas

The is a subtle silvery white colour and it is one of the few highlighters that have come across that have NO visible shimmer particles. Now that is something I love because I hate to see tiny specs of shimmer on the face making it look unnaturally shiny. (Shimmer is sometimes great in the evenings but in the day it can look a bit too much). I wanted a highlighter that just blends with my skin creating an illusion of a glowing, beautiful and healthy looking skin and the Strobe Liquid does that extremely well! The texture is smooth and just glides on the skin and settles making it look absolutely beautiful. I am so happy with it!

I use it with or without foundation on days that my skin needs an instant uplift. Mixing it with foundation and applying it all over the face, I feel is not such a good idea as it tends to even highlight the areas that you don’t want too much focus on (e.g. Under the eyes etc.) So I use it on my cheek bones, bridge of my nose and on the area right on top of my lips and it does the job! Using it on certain areas after applying the foundation is also okay but you need to put it before the foundation sets and blend the two together for an even finish. A great product if you love the ‘no makeup’ look and can be used daily!

A pic of my friend whose make up I did using the strobe liquid on top of foundation. Love the way her skin is glowing!

I feel girls with normal to oily skins can also try this.
Things I love:-
Non-oily formula
Gives an instant uplift to the skin with a subtle glow
Is not obvious to other people so all they see is great skin!
No fragrance

It is a expensive! (Like all good things in life.. sigh!) The good thing is that a bottle would last you a good six months.

Rating – 4.75/5
Price – Rs. 1700 for 50ml 
Available at – All MAC stores
Products used in the Pic above: Krayolan Primer, MAC Matchmaster foundation, MAC Strobe Liquid, eye shadows Pearl 433 and AMC 44 from Inglot freedom system, MAC Blacktrack eyeliner, Loreal Million Lashes mascara, Maybeline Collossal Kajal and a nude balm on her lips.


  1. Thanks for reviewing this one! I've have been considering buying the product. My skin is combination too but tends to get oily & a little dull as the summer builds. So yea, will pick this one instead of the cream.

  2. This is perfect Neha and will not make your skin oily at all..!

  3. Can I also mix it with cream instead of foundation? My skin tends to look dull in the day but at the same time I am not too sure if using foundation in the day is a good idea.

    1. Yes you can! But i would recommend that after putting on cream/sun screen on your face, you use a drop of the strobe liquid and apply it on your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead and brow bones and u'll be glowing all day :)