Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Bad Beauty Habits You Must Break

We all have some of these terrible habits that we're not proud of.. these habits have been a part of our beauty rituals for ages and some of these we are even aware of and are outright destructive but never really give up.. Lets take a minute to review some of the most common ones, because maybe, just maybe, there's a chance that kicking these bad beauty habits will make us more beautiful in the long run :)

1. Skipping Sunscreen in winters or when its not too sunny outside or when we're in such a hurry! All the smart girls know by now that even when its not too sunny, the UVA rays of the sun that penetrate through the clouds, cause our skin to age. So promise never to step out of he house until you have covered all your exposed skin with a trusted sun screen!

2. Biting lips consciously or unconsciously because your lips are always chapped and split. Regularly licking or biting lips can make them even drier than they originally are.  good way to break this vicious cycle is to keep your lips hydrated. (I personally do this a lot!) and feel that applying plain Vaseline to my lips before sleeping at night really helps. I wake up with smooth lips. Also, I never leave the house without a lip balm.

3. Not removing makeup before going to bed is a bad bad thing to do! Please clean your face and remove any traces of makeup before sleeping no matter how tired you are. Makeup along with dirt and oil, clogs pores and sends your skin into an over production of 'sebum' (not a good thing this is), giving you unpleasant surprises filled with zits the next morning. I understand how hard it can be on some days so if going to wash your face is looking impossible, just keep some wipes by your bedside table to remove that daily grime and wake up to a clean and fresh face!

4. Using moisturizer only when skin feels dry is wrong. They not only hydrate your skin but replenish lost moisture and help your skin face harsh whether. So no matter what skin type you have, find yourself one that suits you!

5. Ignoring your neck is not fair, especially as the skin on your neck is more delicate than your face and can start sagging or develop fine lines if neglected! So while applying makeup, creams or face mask, don't forget the neck. 

6. Plucking grey hair is hard not to do (ask me!) specially when you have the one of two shiny silver strands right above your forehead! The truth is that they are going to grow right back only short and stubby and even more noticeable :(

7. Holding on to makeup forever is something that I have seen many people do. I understand that it would hurt a lot to throw out that super expensive cream or mascara that has been in your kitty forever but skin infections or conjunctivitis is not worth it! 

IMP NOTE: Shelf life of various makeup items
Lipsticks, glosses and lip liners - up to 2 years
Mascara - ideally 90 days + or - one month
Eye shadows and eye liners - 4-5 years
Creams and cleansers - 1 year
Foundations and concealers - 1 year

8. Excessive exfoliation can lead to oversensitive skin and even broken capillaries (ouch!). Always use gentle exfoliators to wash away dead skin and to give your face that beautiful glow.

9. Picking on pimples or popping zits is something we all know is not right! One moment of relief that popping them gives you can lead to a huge red spot on your face and develop craters on your skin that might last forever!

10. Using acetone instead of nail paint removers is really harmful for the nails. I have noticed how some salons use it sneakily during a pani-pedi. Nail polish removers sold by most cosmetic companies are a lot milder than acetone available at drug stores that can lead the surface of your nails to become yellow and rough. 

So there! Ive given us all something to think about and hopefully we will break some of these habits and come out sashaying all swan like! (hahah)

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