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And who am I?

I’m Shruti from New Delhi and I'm a make up artist by day and an obsessive researcher by night. My skin is combination to oily and tone is medium. Most products I recommend will be geared towards that skin tone and type. 

I have to admit. I have always been obsessed with makeup even as I was a little girl and loved to play around with my mom’s makeup secretly while she took afternoon naps (sorry mom!) As years passed by, obsession turned into a profession and I also realized that make up can do only so much. If you don’t have good skin then all the super brands can’t make you look good! So i started combining skin+soul care with make up to really make a difference and to get skin that's not only clear but glowing as well! (Oh I cannot over emphasise the importance of that ‘glow’ and you know what I’m talking about especially if you are about to get married or are a new bride!)

Your contribution to the blog is welcome! Please share tips and insights from your personal experiences and I will be more than happy to publish them. Also, if you wanna unleash the writer in you, drop me a line about yourself and see how simple it is to get started!

Write to me at rougealert [at] gmail [dot] com

or follow me on facebook on Rouge Alert   

Fingers crossed and my sleeves rolled up and I’m ready to try all that is necessary for a flawless make up, good skin and within! Hope it works!

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